Air Quality Services

built-environment-airThe built environment is becoming ever more complex and the legislation and regulations governing it are comprehensive and far reaching in their application.

The general requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 affect practically all areas of the built environment. The introduction of Approved Codes of Practice and Industry Standard Specifications for inspection, cleaning, management and monitoring of air conditioning and ventilation plant and ductwork systems puts pressure on Building Managers and Operators to ensure that they maintain evidence that the condition and performance of the systems is safe and hygienic.

Vectair Environmental can offer a complete range of specialist air quality services to meet all your requirements by providing the following services:

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

  • Surveys and risk assessment of air conditioning, ventilation and extract systems
  • Surface contamination analysis. Microbiological and Particulate
  • Air flow and air change analysis
  • Filter efficiency and performance analysis
  • Preparation of control and record manuals
  • Ongoing monitoring, auditing and treatment

Under COSHH and the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, the need to maintain suitable ventilation and air quality conditions in the workplace is recognised. Airborne dust, dirt and microbiological contaminants can develop and concentrate within a building’s air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Add to this the mixture of dusts, fibres and background gasses generated within the workplace, and it becomes clear that the air circulating within a building can be a major contributor to Sick Building Syndrome and lead to a large amount of complaints about the working environment.

The Indoor Environment

  • Indoor Air Quality surveys
  • Ventilation and Thermal Environment analysis
  • Air flow and air change analysis
  • Airborne contamination analysis
  • Indoor air quality trend monitoring
  • Ongoing air quality assessment and testing

Reports and assessments are presented in a clear and concise format and record manuals are designed for ease of use and flexibility.

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