SuperFast Thermapen®

Blue Thermapen®

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White Thermapen®

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This compact, easy-to-use and accurate piece of kit has been designed and built by ETI, the UK’s leading temperature instrument manufacturer and is brought to you by Vectair Environmental Ltd as an indispensable tool to be used when collecting the temperature data needed as part of your duties in the control of Legionella bacteria in accordance with ACoP L8.


We provide the device in Blue and White.

Blue Thermapen® – used to take the temperature of water and incorporates a reduced tip, stainless steel, immersion probe that conveniently folds back through 180 degrees into the side of the instrument when not in use.

White Thermapen® – with a ‘surface probe’ tip used for measuring the temperature of pipe surfaces etc on hot water storage vessels and thermostatic mixing valve’s (TMVs) which also conveniently folds back through 180 degrees into the side of the device when not in use.

We also provide the 2 devices together presented in a black zip imitation leather pouch which offer a cost saving.


Features of the Thermapen®

  • A large digital display with a precise read-out of temperature over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C with a 0.1 °C resolution and an accuracy of ±0.4 °C (the resolution can be switched to 1 °C, if required, via a switch in the battery compartment).
  • Will power off automatically after ten minutes, maximising battery life which has a minimum life expectancy of 1,500 hours (this feature can be disabled if not required).
  • The ETI calibration laboratory has tested the Thermapen® in a stirred water bath with amazing results – the Thermapen® thermometer reached 100% of the test temperature in under four seconds. This gives you greater peace of mind knowing the results obtained are accurate and can be achieved in less time.
  • All products can also be calibrated and provided with a traceable certificate to confirm the results if this is needed.
  • The casing is washable and includes ‘Biomaster’ additive that reduces bacterial growth and the ergonomic rubber seal minimises the risk of the ingress of water, dust or food.
  • The Thermapen® was awarded – runner up in the “Best new product” category in the prestigious SOFHT Awards 2009. Thermapen is a registered trademark in the UK (2025607), EU (008449571) and the USA (3898535).


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SuperFast Thermapen
range -49.9 to 299.9°C (Centigrade only model)
resolution 0.1 °C or 1°C – user selectable
accuracy ±0.4°C (-49.9 to 199.9 °C) ±1 °C (200 to 300°C)
battery 2 x 3 volt CR2032 lithium coin cell
battery life 1500 hours
sensor type K thermocouple
display 14.3mm LCD
dimensions 19 x 47 x 153mm
weight 97 grams


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