Clip-on Dial (pipe) Thermometer

Clip-on Dial (pipe) Thermometer

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This easy to use surface pipe thermometer provides a cost-effective way of obtaining the information needed to satisfy your duties recording the temperatures of the hot water services in accordance with L8.

This task can sometimes prove more difficult if:

  • There is no dial on the actual vessel itself giving the temperature readings needed
  • The hot water pipes in question are lagged (i.e. insulated with foam or another material) which doesn’t leave much exposed pipe work
  • The pipes needing to be monitored are in a difficult location to reach or get to

One way is to use a surface probe thermometer similar to the one found on this page but another option is to have a dial fitted to the surface of the pipe for minimal expense which will give you an accurate reading whenever you need it.


This easy to use surface pipe thermometer features a 60mm diameter nickel plated dial and indicates temperatures over the range of 0-120°C. The 50mm diameter dial face has a clear, graduated scale indicating temperature in 2°C divisions.

Each thermometer is supplied with a wrap-around spring kit (53mm long) for pipe mounting. For larger pipes it is possible to attach the thermometer to pipework using either tie-wraps or wire (not supplied).

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