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Flushing regimes put in place to ensure free-flowing water and the control of legionella bacteria which can proliferate in stagnant low-use areas can also be an expensive waste of water. The programmable and highly versatile Sensaflush II® is a urinal flush management system designed to drastically reduce your water consumption by up to 90% flushing only when motion is detected and a flush is needed or when it has been programmed to do so.

By fitting a Vectair Sensaflush II®, the unique, sensor activated, wireless water saving device, the flow of water into the cistern, via the DEFRA approved solenoid valve, is managed based on the usage of the washroom. Sensaflush works on “real time programming” and can be programmed to your hours of opening and a desired frequency of flushing can be set, that will only be triggered when it senses someone in the washroom using the urinal.

A typical setting of the unit, to flush 30 mins after it “sees” someone , 5 days per week with 10 hours opening a day, water usage will be dramatically reduced showing typical savings of £300-£400 on a 15 litre cistern flushing just 3 times an hour. The unit will also perform a hygienic flush every 12 hours if no one enters the washroom.


How much money can be saved by installing a Sensaflush II® unit…?

Cost comparisons on a 15 litre tank

Unmanaged Urinal with Sensaflush II®
Flushes per hour 4 2**
Hours per day 24 8
Days per week 7 5
Weeks per year 52 52
Litres per year 524,160 65,520
COST PER YEAR £597.54* £74.69


A potential saving of £522.85 per year!

*Based on an average UK water cost of £1.14 per m3
**This can be programmed and reduced further when setting up the Sensaflush II® unit


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